Dark purple simplicity

Hello everyone, last moth was pretty hectic and spent on the road between Široki Brijeg(herzegovina), Zenica(bosnia), Zagreb(croatia) and Trogir. When you check it out on a map it looks like a fun road trip circle, but when you do it … Continue reading

Mmmm shantung silk….

I was  drawn to this material because of amazing color palette it comes in,  working with it was fantastic, and to have it on is sooo comfortable. I wanted to make classic shift dress, but it came out a bit … Continue reading

Chiffon war is over and more…

Well, hello there . Am I proud to say : Chiffon war is over!(what I am talking about you can read here )  Yep, I have made some dresses, ruined few, but all material is used up. It is safe … Continue reading

Everywhere in a black dress

  I will make the story short, because I want to say everything I wrote many times before. I wear only dresses. For a year now.  I love to wear a black dress. My experience shoved me that a black … Continue reading

Holiday season in my own dresses – part 1

Christmas has passed, and New Years Eve is hours away. Although I do not like to share private family moments with the world I am obligated to show you dresses I wore. Especially when they are my own creations. So … Continue reading

Let’s do some sightseeing

My dress and me are standing on one of greatest landmarks in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Old Bridge in Mostar. It is actually a reconstruction of original bridge commissioned Suleiman the Magnificent in 1558. In the time it was the wides … Continue reading

Appearance or comfort?

Sometimes I need to feel like a flower :), and sometimes it is all about comfort and practicality. The dress I have shown you already awhile ago in post “Give me all, I can handle it”. Same dress, different part of … Continue reading

Sweater dress. Entirely my own!

Sewing classes I took are over, and I came back home with few dresses I made by myself. The oversized jumper or sweater dress you can see on pictures is the simplest thing I made  and maybe most wearable for … Continue reading


So, here is how it goes when its about the clothes: every change is good. We girls get bored so easily. Although, we can not wait for winter to pass to get into fun, easy-to-wear garments, there is some undeniable … Continue reading

Summer wedding dress- gorgeous, elegant, comfortable, modern

Hello everyone, especially my gorgeous girls. I have been offline for a while. I am very sorry for letting you wait for so long for my posts, but me and my dresses had to go out in the real word. … Continue reading

Outlet city Metzingen- Hugo Boss outlet

Before visiting this outletcity last week, it seamed everybody knows it exists, but nobody could give me concrete informations about shopping there. Google search was not too helpful either when it comes to personal experience. Although the outlet has great web : outletcity.com . When we … Continue reading

We don’t say goodbye, but also never leave anything behind!

Today we started out trip back home. Sun was smiling just for us from the sky. Sorry for not posting lately, but I have been sick and packing all my life into suitcases(again :)). Rain was poring, and it seamed … Continue reading

Lace + Leather is perfect for spring

Few months ago I considered wearing this dress only for night time or special occasions. I actually wore it for  New Years party. Today I enjoyed wearing it incorporated into a daytime outfit, and can not believe I haven’t done … Continue reading

Ornament dress

Ornaments have always attracted my attention. Interesting patterns you can stare at for long moments, trying to figure out where beauty comes from, and never finding the answer . Because the beauty is not in one line, but the combinations … Continue reading

Spring/summer black basics

 Hey everyone, It is fun and easy to dress myself when I have black basics in my closet. My spring/summer black basics are: wedge sandals, classic shades, few black dresses in different materials and cuts. The importance of those basics … Continue reading

Good everyday dress

A good everyday dress should be very easy to accessorize and wear. That means it should not be too tight, or short. It comes in some of basic colors(black, white or nude), in combination of those colors, or/and with some … Continue reading

I choose…


We are the exact person as we choose to represent ourself. Chosen outfits are shadows of mood in which we wake up in the morning. Some of us decide to shove , and others to hide our feelings, even thru the clothes we pick. That pick shoves us what kind of person we choose to be.

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No surprises today :)

legs in a dress

Yesterday I might have shocked you with my : “How google might see you” post. As you can see by your self, I am quite enjoying my project of wearing a dress every day, and I am having as much fun as I can. Although, some of you had a good laugh, I feel the need to equalize this blog with some pleasant sights. And nature is the most relaxing sight you can find.

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3rd month wearing a dress and nothing but a dress!


It feels fantastic! These are the first words coming to my mind while making this summary. It really does. Dressing up is not something that I need to do any more. Dressing up is natural order of my every day routine.

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